About Us

Whitman: The brand that is changing the history of contemporary fashion

felipe falla - cofounder


WHITMAN was born from a dream of two brothers with a unique lifestyle. In 2013 Sebastian and Felipe Falla, with a great sensitivity to the cooking and the  photography, decided to start selling coats to their friends in their living room. 

Influenced by the long history that his father has in clothing satellites and in the European fashion for classic tailoring.  The humanities for their part never strayed from them, especially the love for literature, music and art, from the construction of the most important project of their lives.


Adapting these two passions to form a logo and a name Inspired by the poet Walt Whitman. Likewise, his logo is a small reinterpretation of his book leaves of grass.

 In 2016, we open the first store in Bogotá. Since then, with a lot of effort, thanks to Felipe and Sebastian and all of us who are part of this dream, we have seen great growth. that WHITMAN has had over the years, allowing us to have eight stores.

The name

For those who might be wondering, the brand’s name wasn’t as much thought of as it was found. Every brand can consider itself lucky to discover a word that conveys so masterfully its values—let alone one that does so with such a melodious cadence. 

The name you can read stitched, engraved and etched on each piece belongs to the famed poet, the man, Walt Whitman himself. Despite having been born in 1819 New York, this illustrious man’s work would make you think it might as well have been 2019. Throughout his life, Walt Whitman shed through his verses a series of glimmering ideals that fall in tune with those current young generations passionately uphold today.

From a profound commitment to the community as a young teacher and volunteer in assisting Civil War veterans, all the way to his opposition to slavery and a strong belief in the idea that no faith is ever superior to any other Whitman, beyond writing, lived for a true ideal of universal brotherhood.


Through his free, de-structured verse, he broke with poetic and social conventions of his time, daring to take on unthinkable subjects, questioning the value of age-old traditions and reflecting in his creativity the most human of all virtues: empathy. Perhaps the purest of his views will forever be his unshakable faith in humanity’s inherent goodness.

The way he explored and extolled sensitivity, awe in the face of nature, human sensuality, the value of diversity, the wisdom to re-evaluate society, and the idealist hope for a better world, was what truly allowed him to build one. His philosophy reflects all those things a modern man requires—and certainly always will—to dare change the world… It is, without a doubt, the perfect name for a brand that seeks to provide men with all they might need to go out and do just that.



What could seem a mere wish to dapperly dress men is in fact a dream of building—nay, tailoring—a better society.

It goes beyond words, it’s a true, profound belief. Which is why we weave into each affair and process our commitment towards a more empathic, fair and sustainable world.

Our communication and overall work ethic suit our clear stance in favour of tolerance, sensibility and authenticity.

The idea of ushering through art the melodies of a better quality of life into the world of Colombian youths inspired us to join Al ComPAZ.

Our talented crafts Peruvian, Italian and English fabrics into versatile and comfortable pieces of an exquisite, sophisticated essence.

What’s the point of timeless style if it’ll just last for a little while? Our free maintenance services will keep pieces in tip-top quality and you from worrying over the test of time. 

Between regenerated cotton and recycled polyester, we make sure to take less and give back more. Biodegradable tagua seed-buttons bind this commitment with subtle resolve. Knowing well where one comes from makes it all the more clear where one goes. Whitman, above all, will stay true to its essence, its vision, and its people.