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Peach T-Shirt

Regular price $99,900.00 COP
Regular price $99,900.00 COPSale price $99,900.00 COP

Size: XS


A round-neck t-shirt made with Peruvian fabric and manufactured in Colombia, with a regular fit and Whitman embroidery on the chest.


  • The high-quality Peruvian fabric is soft to the touch, making it comfortable to wear.
  • The round neckline is made with a durable and resistant rib, ensuring its durability and resistance to stretching.
  • The regular fit adapts well to most body types and offers comfort throughout the day.
  • The Whitman embroidery on the chest is elegant and discreet, adding style to the t-shirt.
  • Manufacturing in Colombia guarantees a high level of quality and attention to detail and finishes on the shirt.

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