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Whitman Blue Cbd Shirt

Regular price $329,900.00 COP
Regular price $279,900.00 COPSale price $329,900.00 COP

Size: XS


The cotton shirt with an Oxford collar, square sleeves, and a regular fit is an elegant and comfortable garment. Made in Colombia from 100% cotton, this shirt is soft and breathable, making it perfect for any occasion.


  • The Oxford collar gives the shirt a classic and sophisticated look, while the square sleeves add a modern and elegant touch. The regular fit ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for most body types.
  • The Whitman embroidery on the chest is a subtle yet stylish detail that adds a touch of style to the shirt. This embroidery is located on the left side of the chest and is made with high-quality thread in neutral tones that go well with any outfit.

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